MitiKash MitiKash one stop mobile billing solution for your business

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One account, All wallets

payments from 100% of the Mobile Money users, no sign-ups for them

Your money, Organized

manage transactions, statements and withdrawals - all in one place

Multiple Billing Channels

bill customers from the web, use the app, or our API - the choice is yours!

Phone and tablet versions

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How it works

First you create a free account for your business to accept mobile payments from all your customers
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How it works

create a free account for your business and accept mobile payments from all your customers as follows;

(1) Create a bill for your customer

During checkout, first enter the total amount to be paid by your customer.
You can do this using the MitiKash mobile app, this website, or our API (for use with digital systems).
The system will then issue a unique reference number which you will show your customer for payment.

(2) Your customer pays for the bill

After getting the bill reference number, your customer pays for the bill - from any mobile money wallet
They just dial their mobile money menu, and perform a normal bill-pay (similar to buying LUKU)
The business number your customer will use is: 243311 for any network

(3) You get notified when the bill has been paid, and complete the sale

We will immediately notify you once full payment has been received from your customer.
You can then release the goods & service to your customer and the transaction is complete.
Multiple customers can also split and contribute towards the same bill, or pay remotely.

(4) Withdraw your money to your Bank or your own Mobile Wallet

Once Logged in, you can manage your transactions, view all your previous bills, their status, and withdraw your collected money to a Bank account of your choice, or even another mobile wallet.
You can do this all in on place!


Hustle free connection

No technical expertise need to integrate with Mobile Money operators - we've taken care of that! You get users from all Mobile Money Networks with one account.

Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, Airtel Money, EzyPesa and Halo Pesa.

No VPN connections, collection accounts, business cases or waiting lists. Just sign up!

No money? No problem!

Don't let lack of physical cash push your customers away. Start accepting mobile money payments from all the operators.

No need of your customers signing up, or carrying multiple payment cards, or find an agent to pre-load such cards.

With our system, you are guaranteed to get payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Control your Business

The intuitively designed MitiKash web portal is full of features. From granting your employees access to issue bills; to viewing statements and managing transactions.

You no longer have to manage multiple wallets which have a receiving limit.

Grow your business even more by cutting unnecessary management costs

Multiple billing channels

You can issue bills to your customers using our Android and iOS app on your smartphone or tablet (let us know if you also want a tablet to run the MitiKash app)

You can also use this website to send bills. This option works well if you have a PC at your place of business.

We also have an API as explained below.

Safer and Cheaper

Having Physical cash is risky and unsafe. It's also expensive because the customer incurs fees for withdrawing cash.

Mobile Money is a much safer and cheaper means of transaction for your customers.

Also, our system is secure. All communication is encrypted. We offer free customer service for added assurance

State of the art API

If you have website, a smartphone app or any digital system, you can use our API to enable Mobile Payments to your business.

It has been designed with the developer in mind, so integration is straight forward. Sign up and get access to the sand box and our detailed API documentation (Let us know if you want a customized solution)